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Melissa S.

SONY DSCI grew up in Reisterstown, Maryland and went to college at the University of Delaware.  After finishing school, I moved to the city with my college roommates to start my teaching career. I later decided to go back to school for my Master’s degree in occupational therapy. I graduate in December, so remember me if you want your aches and pains fixed!

What has changed since starting CrossFit?

Before starting CrossFit, I used to consider showing up at the gym a workout. I would throw on some new stylish workout gear, converse with a few gym buddies, and lift a few weights all while barely breaking a sweat. When attending classes like body pump or kickboxing, I would stare at the clock waiting for the moment I could run out without getting a mean look from the instructor. With CrossFit, the hour class feels like 5 minutes! I am never bored and never want to leave early! In addition, losing weight and getting those abs of steel for attendance at Tiki Barge has always been a priority for me. CrossFit has made losing weight and toning my body, goals I felt I could never reach, attainable. Finally, my endurance has improved dramatically. I used to be the long lost runner in the back that crossed the finish line hours after everyone else. After doing CrossFit for 3 months, I hopped on the treadmill and ran 5 miles! I could barely do 3 before that. Now I am running 10ks, but I hope to one day soon run a half marathon.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit Federal Hill?

What I enjoy most about CrossFit Federal Hill are the people. Not only do I get to have a “Jillian Micheals” present at every one of my workouts, but all of the members and coaches are friendly and welcoming. Whether you are the slowest person at the gym or flying through a workout like the Hulk, the people are supportive and encouraging.

How has CrossFit effected your life outside the gym?

CrossFit has changed the way I view myself. I have more confidence and think less poorly about myself. In addition, I have more energy to do the things I need to do and feel more healthy and fit overall.

SONY DSCFavorite movement?

Squats. I love squatting!

 Least favorite movement?

Anything that involves cleaning the bar.

Any advice for people who are just getting started at CFH?

Do not ever think that you can’t do something or don’t belong or fit in with a gym. Aside from believing that I would never see my name and athlete used in the same sentence, I NEVER thought I’d be doing anything like toes to bar, double unders, or even pull ups with no bands! After just a few months and a LOT of great coaching and reinforcement, I do these in our workouts!! One thing I used to always say to my middle school students was that “It is all in your attitude!” Having the mind-set that you can do something will make for a more positive experience not just in the gym, but in everything you do.

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