About This Project

Mike B – Success Story

Works in Finance at Wells Fargo

Raised on the Jersey Shore

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I’m originally from Ohio but I grew up on the Jersey Shore (erase all notions of that caricatured version created by MTV, it’s not like that). I moved to Maryland ten years ago to do my undergrad at Towson and I’ve been in living in Baltimore ever since. I work in finance at Wells Fargo doing contract negotiations for commercial derivative products.  I love playing golf and have recently gotten into mountain biking but I’m game for anything that gets me out of the house; O’s games, concerts, kickball, people watching, etc.  I don’t consider myself a “sports-fan” but I like the Brown’s (sorry Ravens) and I’ll always cheer for the O’s.

What has changed since starting CrossFit?

I used to do the usual “back & bi’s” and “chest and tri’s” routine at a regular gym until my then roommate brought me to his Crossfit gym. After that I was hooked. You could say that I definitely drank the Crossfit KoolAid. Since starting Crossfit I’ve seen considerable gains in my strength, flexibility, and confidence. Most importantly, Crossfit gave me a reason to get excited about working out. For one hour each day you get the opportunity to see what you’re made of while at the same time learning new movements and improving on old ones.

Crossfit has also changed the way I eat. I decided to take on the 30 day Paleo challenge with another CFH member as we missed the first challenge.  I’m one week away from finishing but I can already see the positive gains on my WOD times and a reduction in my waistline. I plan to incorporate a lot of what I learned on the challenge into my normal diet.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit Federal Hill?

Just about everything. The coaches, members and overall community aspect at CFH are unparalleled. I’ve worked out at a number of Crossfit boxes and haven’t seen the level of attention that Geo, Brian, Matt and Joanna provide at CFH. The members are friendly, supportive and want you to succeed no matter what age or shape you are in. I also like that CFH supports the local community with outreach initiatives like the Community of Strength Project and working with Gather Baltimore. It’s great to know you’re contributing to a business that gives back!

How has CrossFit effected your life outside the gym?

The biggest effect outside the gym has been my approach and commitment to taking on anything new and challenging. When I’m doing some ridiculous WOD like “Angie” or the “Filthy-Fifty” I try to focus on the present and commit myself to finishing one rep at a time. Applying that mental method of completing a WOD to everyday tasks, from meeting a deadline at work to attempting some crazy home improvement project, has help me overcome obstacles I never thought possible. I’ve also found that my stress levels have decreased and that I feel overall healthier, physically and mentally.

Favorite movement?

Definitely double-unders. I used to hate them because I couldn’t do more then five in a row but now I have a secret love affair with them.

Least favorite movement?

Snatch. I have a tough time mentally moving weight over my head and then squatting beneath it. I’m sure I’ll grow to love this movement but for now it’s on my s-list.

Any advice for people who are just getting started at CFH?

Dig-in, grind it out and you’ll thank yourself for when you’re done. You will become stronger, fitter and more motivated then you ever imagined. Crossfit can be really hard at first, but as the saying goes, “The things worth doing in life are hard”.

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