About This Project

Ross Moody- Project Manager and Army fan
Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I never did the online-dating thing, but I guess this is the part where I have to convince you that I’m witty and no more than 15% creepy. Originally from South Carolina, I made my way to Baltimore over the course of 10+ years by way of New York, Germany, Savannah, and Wisconsin with a few other stops in between. After transitioning out of the Army in 2010, I quickly realized that my golf game was not SONY DSCimproving at a pace that would have me on the Tour before the checking account was empty, so I decided to enter the sexy worlds of glass and Lean Six Sigma. I am currently a Project Manager at a Glazing Subcontractor (we put glass and stuff on the side of buildings). While in Baltimore, I met my wife, Ashley, through a mutual friend and we’ve been married for 10.5 dog years. Having said that, we have a Golden Retriever (though I constantly question the second word in her breed name) named Gracie who keeps us busy sweeping the floors and only ever has “accidents” in the one room in our house that is carpeted (Bitter? Me? No.). I enjoy pretty much every sport, both watching and playing, and am a Braves, Eagles, Chelsea, Army and Gamecock fan. Beat Navy!

SONY DSCWhat has changed since starting CrossFit?

So I started CrossFit in June of last year. The first month+ was ROUGH. I was scaling everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the switch flipped and I was starting to do Rx WODs and seeing strength gains. The real “AHA” moment, however, was when Ashley and I did the 30-day paleo challenge in October. I always knew that I could maintain some modicum of physical fitness and overall health through running and the other sports that I played. And I also knew that I would plateau with any weight loss until I adjusted my diet. Not wanting to end up “35 years old, eating a steady diet of government cheese, thrice divorced, and living in a van down by the river,” we took the plunge and signed up. After 30 days, I dropped 20+ pounds (and have kept it off since) and still saw strength gains. This was truly revelatory for me. We have continued the paleo diet with the occasional cheat (Mmmmmmh, cupcakes. Nom nom nom.) and I continue to see PRs and improvements daily. CrossFit has allowed me to find strength that I never knew I had in me and has made me comfortable with the uncomfortable.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit Federal Hill?
Honestly, before I started CrossFit, I was one of those skeptics that thought it was a bit cliquey and only for the strong and the beautiful. That quickly changed when I organized a WOD for Team Red, White and Blue (the veteran non-profit that I work with) at another box in Baltimore. It was a partner WOD and it was Ashley’s and my first WOD. Needless to say, it smoked us but we walked away with a huge smile on our faces (after we stopped crying). Shortly after that, we looked into nearby CrossFit boxes and saw CrossFit Federal Hill had recently moved into the building on Key Highway. Within the first few classes, all of my skepticism and concerns about CrossFit melted away. The sense of Community that I felt was incredible. The genuine interest and concern that Geo, Brian, Allie, Matt, Blair, Buck, Eric, Jaime and TR show for each and every athlete is fantastic. Since then, I have gotten to know quite a few of the other members and look forward to sweating with those familiar faces each and every day. Lastly, I enjoy the push that I get from my fellow CFHers. The likes of Chris “Why Even Bring a Shirt to CF Because It Barely Stays on Past the Warm-up” R., Ed “A Boy Named Sue” S. and Chris “How the Hell is he so Fast” D. push me to do that extra reSONY DSCp, to finish that last 400 strong or to ALMOST take my shirt off. #permasweater In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoy my CFH family and look forward to seeing all the PRs and personal goals achieved by each and every member in the future.

SONY DSCHow has CrossFit effected your life outside the gym?

I now have a ton of clothes that don’t fit anymore. Thanks a lot! No, CF has certainly improved my quality of life on several levels. I certainly am stronger and that has improved my running and cycling. I also feel more connected to the Community merely through the relationships I have made at CFH. Oh, and it has given me the confidence to no-rep Rich Froning through the TV when he didn’t quite get that hip crease below the knee on his 1 millionth OHS at 3,000 lbs. C’mon, Rich. You’re better than that.

Favorite movement?
Pull-ups. Can’t explain it, but I love ‘em. Oh, and any time there’s running. And is Murph a movement?

Least favorite movement?
Wall balls and any movement shoulder-to-overhead

Any advice for people who are just getting started at CFH?

Start slow. Start with technique. The added weight will come and the modifications will go, but best to learn the right form and technique from the get-go. And trust your body. When you don’t feel so hot or you’re still sore from that crazy chipper Geo dreamed up, take a rest day or modify the weight/rep/movements. There’s no shame in that game. A smarter athlete makes a healthier and stronger athlete.

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