Programming in a High Volume Cycle

This marks week two of our 20 Rep Back Squat Cycle! You can expect your high volume back squats on Tuesday, so what can you expect the rest of the week?

We have athletes who are able to and want to really push the intensity on this cycle. This leaves them not wanting to be too sore after Monday’s workout and fried for some of or for the rest of the week. We also have athletes who are unable or don’t find themselves wanting to push the intensity of the cycle. So they need and want workouts programmed every day that will push them. To accommodate all our athletes, here is a look into our programming discussions and how to best approach your week. 

On Monday’s we are setting you up for a “long, move your body” workout. You can keep the intensity moderate on this and simply get a long sweat on to prep your body for heavy and high volume squats the next day OR you can challenge the weight and push the intensity in this long workout. 

On Tuesday’s we squat and I will continue to post Coach Laura’s article on the best alternative for you, but you can find it on the blog (or click HERE)! Following the squats, we will have a flush. This is for our athletes to move with purpose after an intense 18-20 min of squatting or you can treat it as a sprint workout if you needed to take it easy on the squats. 

The remainder of the week, we want you all to know that we expect athletes may need to scale down workouts. We are still programming workouts that could challenge athletes outside of the cycle. Please know we encourage you to scale the weight/intensity depending on how you are feeling. Even if you don’t feel sore, your central nervous system may still be fried. That may result in you feeling sluggish or weak during the workout. Take care of yourself and know when you need to scale. 

You’ll see skill work mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays. This will range from light-moderate barbell work to drill position and technique to purposeful single leg/ hip work to keep your body healthy through the cycle. We will program squatting a second day, but not until later in the week. Otherwise, we will keep the intensity focused on pulling, pushing, and the posterior chain. 

Help us, help you stay healthy through this high volume cycle! Happy Squatting!

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