Re-Opening Plan

WE MADE IT! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for sticking with us through this crazy and unprecedented time. We could not have survived this closure without you all. Because of each and every one of you, we can open our doors and get back to the gym we love!

Please read below thoroughly!

Our first official class back in the gym will be Monday June 22nd at 12:00pm.
All classes will be outdoors until that class, then outdoor classes will stop.

The first step to opening is getting all of the equipment back in the gym.

Please drop off equipment on Sunday June 21st between 8:00am-10:00am or between 5:00pm-7:00pm. If you absolutely can not make either of those windows, please drop off equipment on Monday June 22nd between 8:00am-11:00am. We will thoroughly clean the equipment as it comes back into the gym.

What if I don’t feel comfortable coming back to the gym yet?

Once we have all of the equipment back and cleaned, we will do a second wave of LIMITED rentals for those who still want to continue with at-home DRIVE programming. Your programming will be a track in SugarWOD called “At-Home DRIVE”. Everyone will be taken off TrueCoach, unless you were paying for extra for personal programming.

Before showing up to the gym, you MUST reserve your class spot OR your open gym spot on zen planner. Because space is limited, you can only sign up for one slot a day and you MUST cancel your reservation at least an hour in advance if you won’t be attending class.

You will not be allowed into the gym if you have not reserved ahead of time and you must respect the time allotted for class or open gym. This STINKS, we know. We love the commradery in the gym, but we must prioritize your safety to avoid a re-closure.

What to expect and is expected of me when I come to the gym?

Do not come to the gym if you are running a fever to any degree or are not feeling well. If you have tested positive for COVID, at a minimum you must be fever free and symptom free for 72 hours AND it must be 10 days since the onset of symptoms (these are the CDC guidelines). If you have symptoms and suspect COVID (and you cannot get tested), please follow the same guidelines.

You won’t be allowed into the gym until 5 minutes before class to allow the previous class time to exit the gym. Please bring as little to the gym as possible. When placing bags in the cubbies during class please leave an empty cubby between the used ones.

You MUST be wearing a mask. As soon as you enter the gym, you will have your temperature taken and then you go wash your hands. Then you will go to a taped out square on the gym floor. Open Gym squares will be labeled “open”. All squares are 12×12 and will have everything you need for your workout. You must wear you mask as you walk around the gym and as long as possible during the class and workout. We understand metcons will be difficult with a mask. This is an acceptable time to pull your mask down as everyone will be spaced out appropriately.

If you need to get water or go the bathroom, use the taped out lanes to navigate the gym and generally be aware of how close you are to others and, again, have your mask on.

The squares will be labeled “L” for light, “M” for medium, and “H” for heavy. That refers to the assortment of weight in the square (Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Plates). Each square will also have cleaner and wipes to clean equipment before and after class/workout.

There will be a square for extra equipment. This will be a space where you can safely swap equipment. Person A cleans and then places the equipment they want to swap in the square then Person B can come up and retrieve it.

Showers will remain closed until further notice. Again, please respect the time allotted for class or your open gym reservation, but not staying longer or congregating inside. We all want to get back in the gym! You will also wash your hands before leaving the gym.

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