Tara R.

What made you decide to give CrossFit a try? 

At the time I was looking for something that would challenge me and make me actually excited to workout. I knew member Laurie Davidow from work and she posted about the Fresh Start Challenge on Facebook. It caught my eye because it was for women only and I felt less intimidated to try it out.  

How have your feelings towards CrossFit changed from when you first started to now? 

The fact that it’s not intimidating at all and you can certainly go at your own speed. The workouts can be scaled, but everyone gives 100% effort.

How has CrossFit helped you develop good friendships? 

Seeing Sarah <Matz> everyday certainly helps ha. In all honesty, it’s a shared experience inside and outside the gym. We have a lot in common and sharing an experience that challenges and motivates you only supports our friendship. It’s not just the burpees and cleans that make you a stronger and healthier person, but it’s the people you hang out with too.  

How has being involved in the community made you more consistent with CrossFit?  

I love coming every day and knowing Sarah and other members will be there to challenge me. Stressful situations can build strong bonds. CrossFit can be both physical and mentally demanding and it’s good to know you’re doing it along with the same people every day. They also hold me accountable which helps me be consistent and motivates me to do my best.  

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about trying CrossFit? 

You will fail a lot, but that’s okay. CrossFit has taught me that it’s okay to fail because it is what is going to motivate you to do better. Failure motivates success. I must have failed 1k times trying to get my first kipping pull-up, but it was the most awesome feeling once I got it down. Now it motivates me to get stronger and try for more strict pull-ups and maybe a butterfly one by the end of 2018.

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