Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain    A lot of athletes come to me complaining of lower back pain. This article is not a cure-all, not for chronic back pain, and not a cure for a true injury. But sometimes, that lower back pain can be cured by the magical powers of stretching. Lower back pain is experienced … Read more

Being A Smart Athlete

I recently listened to a 4th Pull Podcast with Sam Dancer where he talked a bit about being a “Smart Athlete”.  This is something that stuck with me long after the episode was over.  The Smart Athlete is one that will show up near the top of the leaderboard in the day-to-day WODs.  They are … Read more

Long Term Results

Everyone has a few reasons as to why they are coming to the gym.  We all want to feel and look our best.  Some people want to deadlift the world.  Others would kill for just one freaking pull up.  But in the end, not matter what your goal is it comes down to enjoying and … Read more

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