Athlete Spotlight – Mike S.

Mike S. has been a CFH member for about 2 months now. You may have encountered his energetic and positive attitude in class already. Mike has made some serious lifestyle changes over the past couple of years and joining CFH has been one of them. We chatted with Mike this week to learn a little … Read more

CORE Nutrition Coaching – Revamped!

You may or may not know that coach Alexa offers one-on-one Nutrition coaching here at CFH. Alexa is  currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health with a specialization in Human Clinical Nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is dedicated to helping others achieve their best selves through nutrition … Read more

InBody Body Composition Analysis

At the beginning of 2017, CFH acquired an InBody Body Composition analyzer. Anyone who wants to use it can get a scan which will provide a host of useful information like body weight, lean muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body fat and percent body fat.  If this seems too fancy or over your head do … Read more

Athlete Spotlight – Stephen V.

Stephen is a dedicated “nooner” and you will see him at the gym consistently between 3-4 times each week. At the end of last year, Stephen worked 1-on-1 with Alexa for Nutrition coaching and most recently completed the CFH Eat Clean Challenge. During the 6-week Challenge, Stephen lost 7 lbs of body fat, and added … Read more

Two Week at Home Challenge Nutrition Guide

Hey Team! Here is our “Fresh Start Challenge Clean Eating Guide” This is our nutrition packet that we have worked on refining over years or working with new clients that are starting their fitness journey.  A few rules of thumb: Do not be overwhelmed, start small and make improvements that you can build on. You … Read more

$20 Challenge with Alexa

Do you struggle to find and prep meals that are quick, clean and easy? Watch the video below – Alexa goes shopping with $20 to buy the ingredients for a quick clean meal. See below for some pointers from the video you can incorporate into your shopping: When it comes to protein don’t skimp on … Read more

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