Thursday, August 13th 2020

Workout of the Day


1,000 M Bike 

800 M Run 

50 KB Swings 

50 Sit ups 

50 Box Jumps

800 M Run 

1,000 M Bike  

Fitness: Sit ups (35/26) 

Performance: Toes to Bar (53/35) 

24 min Cap 

Athletes: We will break up in heats today and stagger by 3 minutes.  That should allow everyone to get through the bike and the next athlete to clean it off.  We will coach as if we are doing sit ups for the workout. If you are proficient at toes to bar and want to do those to add a challenge that is fine. Please be sure you are wearing your mask at the rig and are well spaced out.  


Strength Work

5 Rnds  

10 Bentover Row 

10 Bicep Curl 

10 V up

Rest :30

Perfect Vision

20 DB Snatch 

:20 Side Plank 

:20 Side Plank  

Max rounds in 10 minutes 

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