Thursday May 21, 2020


20-1 Burpees
200m Run after each set

20 burpees
200m run
19 burpees
200m run…etc

Athletes: Lets get sweaty! Be sure to record this one in SugarWOD so we can fist bump the effort! 


WEEK 2 of working on handstands

Option 1:8-10 attempts Handstand Floaters

If you are working on your freestanding handstand then attempt this exercises.  Make sure you feel comfortable kicking up against a wall and supporting your weight.

Option 2:6-8 Box Handstand Hold :20

Try to get the box a little higher today. Work a nice press and hold position.  Between sets practice tuck ups/kick ups.  See video for demo.

5 Strict HSPU or Negatives 
10 Single Arm Kneeling Arnold Presses 
15 Bent over Y’s (5’s or just fist) 
4-5 Rounds 

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