Tuesday, August 11th 2020

Workout of the Day

Pick Up Sticks 

4 minutes on 1 minute off (pick up where you left off) 

Buy in: 400 M Run (each round) 

Max Rounds 

9 Deadlifts  

12 Hand Release Push Ups 

4 Rounds 

Fitness: 155/105



Athletes: Start each round with a run that should take about 2 minutes.  Come in and get to work on the couplet for the remaining 2 minutes.  When you come back from the second run pick up where you left off.  Score total rounds and reps. Choose a load where 9 is unbroken most of the workout.




Single Arm Hang Clean and Jerk Air Squat 

For the DB hang clean and jerk it is 35 total, switch arms whenever you want 

Core Work 

20 Flutter Kicks 

15 Sit ups 

10 Leg Raises 

6 Rnds  

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