Tuesday December 31, 2019

Holiday Schedule
4:30pm will be the last class TODAY
Harbor East: 10am ONLY on New Years Day
Fed Hill: 9am and 10am ONLY on New Years Day

Industry Athletics Nutrition Challenge kicks off on Sunday January 5th! Check the blog for details and click the link to sign up!

Fed Hill: Barbell Club is back with Coach Laura on Tuesday January 14th! Click the link in the blog to sign up.

Harbor East: Sunday Open Gym is officially changing! Capacity will be at 9am and open gym will be until 12pm.


8 min EMOM 
Pull ups- 5-7 Negatives , pick a number and maintain 
BW- 3 tempo pull-ups, 3 tempo push-ups (tempo = 3 seconds, 2 hold, 3 seconds)
Toes to Bar – 5-10 Toes to Bar , pick a number and maintain
Doubles – Max set
HSPU – :20 second hold or 3 Negatives 
Muscle ups- 5 horizontal ring row, 5 turn overs on low rings  
Snatch- 5 Power Snatch at 75 % of your Isabel weight 


500 M Row 
40 DB Push Press 
2 Rope Climbs 
Rest 1 Minute 

3 Rounds 

Fitness: 400 M Row 
Performance: 500 M Row 
Open: 500 M Row 

Athletes: Today we are back on track for our Weakness work! Attack it! As we only have a few weeks left until we retest.  Then we jump into a push pull combo.  The goal should be 5-6 minutes per round including the rest.

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