Tuesday, September 15th 2020

Workout of the Day


400 M Run 

24 Single Arm DB Push Press  

200 M Single Arm Farmers Carry 

3 Rnds 

Fitness: 35/20 (35/26) 

Performance: 50/35 (53/35) 

17 min Cap 


Core Work 

:30 Flutter Kick 

:30 Single Leg V ups 

:30 Rest 

:30 Reverse Plank 

:30 Hollow hold 

:30 Rest 

3 Rnds 

Athletes: For the farmers carry at HE we will do the regular 200 M route and run the 400 M route across the street.  Athletes at Fed Hill we will run the 400 M route to cross street and farmers carry the 200 m route towards Jackson. 


200 m Run

24 Single Arm DB Push Press (12/side)

100 M Single Arm Farmer’s Carry

5 Rnds

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