Tuesday, September 8th 2020

Workout of the Day

Skill Work

:30 Single Leg Glute Bridge 

:30 KB/DB overhead Sit Up

:30 Side Plank with lateral raise (use 2.5 or 5lb plate) 

:30 Side plank with lateral raise (use 2.5 or 5lb plate) 

5 Times through, for quality 


22 DB Goblet Squats 

200 M Run 

22 Hang DB Snatch 

4 Rnds

14 min Time Cap  

Fitness: 35/20

Performance: 50/35

Athletes: Today we start with skill work.  Core and glute work helps with quality in all your movements – something we tend to neglect on our own, but easy to knock out in a class.  The, we jump into a fast squat snatch combo.  Choose a weight you can move and try to spend about 1 minute on each movement to come in under the time cap. 



:30 at each station 

Seated Pike Leg Lifts 

Single Leg V ups Plank Rest 

5 Rnds 


Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes:

15 Box Jumps 

Max DB Hang Snatch  

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