Wednesday, August 19th 2020

Workout of the Day


30 Strict Pull ups 

500/400 M Row 

Rest 2 

30 Kipping Pull ups 

500/400 M Row 

Rest 2 

30 Toes to Bar 

100 Double Unders 

Rest 2 

30 V ups 

100 Double Unders 

Fitness: 30 Reps of Each (400 M Row/200 Singles) 

Performance: 35 Reps of Each 

Athletes:  The set up today is a little different. We have strict work followed by a fair amount of gymnastics work.  Overall the workout should be 20+ minutes, but we will cap athletes at 25 minutes.  Choose a progression where you can finish the work.  If you break up the reps, there should not be long rest periods.  By the time you hit the toes to bar your grip will be shot, but the build in rest should help.  It is ok to drop the reps to 20 or 25.  Getting through the four gymnastics movements with quality reps is the goal. 



10 Single Arm Kneeling Arnold Press 

5 Single Leg Deadlifts 

5 Rnds 

Mars – Drive

30 DB Push Press 

50 Doubles 

30 Single Leg V ups 

50 Doubles 

3 Rnds 

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