Wednesday May 20, 2020

Join us on Zoom at 7:30am, 12:00pm or 5:00pm

“Top It Off” 

3 minutes on :30 Rest
20 Shoulder Taps 
200 M Run 
8-10 Single Arm Devil’s Press 
Max V ups
6 Rounds

Athletes: Be sure you find a pace you can stick with.  The devil’s press have a range because they will be the deciding factor on how much time you have left for V ups.  Try to leave about :30 seconds for V ups.   Total V ups is your score! The rest interval is short today.  Timing might be harder to track, but it is always good to vary the forced rest.  :30 will go quick!


:20 on :10 off
Opposite side Mountain Climber
Body Saw
Hollow Hold
Flutter Kicks
8 Rounds

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