Week 1: what we learned and what we will improve

We learned a ton this week and could not be more excited about being open and seeing everyone again.  It feels great to have community and fitness back together again.  Everyone has been respectful with mask wearing and following our guidelines.  Please keep it up! Just because you are not scared does not mean others are not.  Please be respectful and continue to do your part.   

Programming- Yes we will be doing strength training.  We will figure out how to use the racks and keep everyone safe.  For now there is plenty to do from the floor.  If squats from the rack are calling your name then please book an open gym spot. 

Class Times- We are trying a few things with class times, if you have suggestions let us know.  We realize 45 minutes is short, we will start to push to 50 minutes if we need to and make sure we include a comprehensive warm up and cool down.  We hear you on that. 

Reservations and Cancellations– If you book a class, show up.  We are going to set Zen Planner so you can not cancel out a reservation 45 minutes before class. If people are waitlisted please be courteous and cancel as early as possible.  We know things come up, we do not want to implement a monetary penalty, but please be respectful of the sign in policy. 

Workouts on the Website- We have been pushing SugarWOD since we shut down and we assumed everyone was on there checking the workouts.  Eventually we want to switch over, but we have had a few requests to post the WOD on the website.  We will do that next week. Please download and follow along via sugarWOD though it is great for tracking and creating a virtual community! 

A few reminders
-Be sure to wear a mask when entering the gym. Be sure to wear that mask if you leave your workout square.  (open gym people this is important)
-Be sure to watch your hands or hand sanitizer when you enter the gym and when you leave. 
-If you touch a piece of equipment wipe it down. 
-Feel free to give the floor a wipe down, but after each class we will come through with the floor scrubber. 

The gym and all the surfaces you touch will be clean.  But, as we all know the virus is transferred in different ways that we can not control in the gym.  Please be aware that it is a possibility that someone in our community could get or have COVID-19.  Our action plan will be to let everyone know which class that person attended (while keeping their identity safe).  They will be asked to not return to the gym before 10 days have passed, AFTER they have been symptom free for three days. The gym is cleaned extensively every day regardless of a COVID scare, but it will be important for our community to know when the contagious person was in the gym, so they can monitor their symptoms. This is why wearing a mask at all times other than when you are in your workout. This is how we can keep you as safe as possible. It will be a minor disruption, but we want to prepare everyone for it and make sure you know that we are prepared for it.

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