About Us

Industry Athletics is a place where fitness and community combine for our members to improve their lives, meet new friends, and become stronger and faster individuals. Whether you already have experience or are brand new to the gym, our programming is led by expert coaches and designed to set you up for success.

Our Core Values


We are honest, ethical, and fair in the gym and outside of the gym. I will do the right thing regardless of who might know about it.


We pride ourselves on cultivating an environment that is fun, supportive and encouraging.


We work every day to develop a supportive and strong community. We are loyal to our friends, family, co-workers and teammates. We always put others first and live a life full of pride with humility.


With humility, we take the initiative to understand each other’s experiences and perspectives and to act, work and develop from the insights we gain. We are open to new advice and will always be a student in all facets of live.


We work hard. We commit everything we have to achieve our goals. We succeed and never quit. We do not take the easy way out. We continue to pursue excellence in every facet of our life.


We are respectful and caring. We constantly strive to develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves. We celebrate the success of others and always strive to be a positive part of the community.

Our Facility

With over 10,000 square feet of workout-space, Industry Athletics is a top of the line CrossFit, weightlifting and functional fitness facility. Our building is also home to FX Physical Therapy.

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CFH Front Room
Running WOD
CFH Rogue Weights
CFH Large Gym Pano
Stretching Boxes
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Our Coaches

Geo Coach Profile


Geo is the owner/founder of Industry Athletics and a level 2 CrossFit coach.

Chris Mate CFH Coach Profile


I love coaching because I love watching CFH athletes get something to finally “click” or achieving something that 6 months ago they didn’t think they would ever have the capacity to do.

Ryan G Profile


My favorite part about CrossFit is the fact that it is a great fitness program for everyone, from the completely unfit to the elitist athlete.

Laura Profile


I love trail running, enjoy vegetables, and ignore my bedtime alarm like a child being forced to take a nap. Heavy snatches scare me, kettlebell snatches bring me joy, and I bond with friends by feeding them cookie skillets and other baked experiments.

Joel Profile


Joel is a master at coaching and helping athletes. He loves to connect people and help them with their fitness goals.

Jo Gamble

Coach Jo is a Physical Therapist at FX PT and Coach at CrossFit Federal Hill!


I was drawn to coaching weightlifting because of my own experience.


Every day I walk in the doors and can’t help but smile

Contact Information

Our Location

1220 Key Highway Baltimore, MD 21230

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(443) 840-7211

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