Success Stories


What made you decide to give CrossFit a try? At the time I was looking for something that would challenge me and make me actually excited to workout. I knew member Laurie Davidow from work and she posted about the Fresh Start Challenge on Facebook. It caught my eye because it was for women only and I felt less intimidated to try it out.

Rachel A.

Wendy and Rachel met in Foundations and now have a bond as strong as them!
I tried CrossFit because of Megan Wall (who is literal human sunshine) – her enthusiasm for it was so infectious and I just had to know what she was raving about. Before starting CrossFit I was in kind of a crappy place in life – I was unhappy, unhealthy, and just felt super out of wack. I had just graduated and needed something to get excited about

Mike S.

My heaviest weight was 385 lbs. My surgery weight was 347 lbs. My current weight is 235 lbs. I lost the majority of the weight through clean eating and moderate exercise. My goal weight is below 200 lbs. I joined CrossFit to reach my goal weight by building lean muscle and improving my cardiovascular fitness. Crossfit is the next chapter in my fitness journey.  I’m excited to experience this journey with the CFH Community.”

Sarah M.

How have your feelings towards CrossFit changed from when you first started to now?

My feelings have absolutely changed since I started. I was scared, shy and out of my element, which is completely opposite of my personality. Once I realized how much of a “community” there was in the gym and how friendly and non-competitive it was, at least at my level, I really opened up to it and became more involved and excited about coming to class and learning and improving on new movements.

Mark C.

My feelings towards CrossFit have changed a lot from when I first started. I have learned that CrossFit is way more than just a workout and a place to compete but it is somewhere I have made friends and formed relationships that will last forever. When I first began I would just come in, workout and leave like a job. But as I went along I started to form friendships that became more important than the time I got on the workout.

Kathy C

I started running and working out after having my first child and am always looking for effective exercise programs. The Crossfit movement was intriguing so last December I decided to give it a try. It is, by far, the most difficult and most rewarding program I have found!