Getting Started at Industry Athletics

Effective December 12th the new executive order does not allow us to operate “group fitness activities.”  Please email us to find out about how we are coaching people individually, wearing masks, keeping 6-12 feet of distance and following all the mandates that Baltimore City puts out. (please disregard the information below as it is a place holder until we can operate group fitness act ivies.

At Industry Athletics, we welcome everyone no matter where you’re starting from or what your fitness goals are. Our members get the results they desire as a result of our fun and motivating environment supported by expert coaches and a thriving community. If you’re looking to make a big, positive change – We want you!


Everyone without prior functional training experience starts with the Industry Athletics Prep Course. This entails 3 personal training sessions where we teach you the fundamentals and costs $150.


*Industry Athletics Prep Course is required for all new members that do not have prior experience. Email us at or check pricing here if you have experience.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Industry Athletics, the Industry Athletics Prep Course or have any other general questions, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

Prep Course Details

Here is what you can expect when getting started with Industry Athletic’s Prep Course

Introduction to Industry Athletics

We’ll meet with you to discuss your fitness background, goals and any limitations so that we can come up with a tailored plan and set you up for success. We’ll also answer any questions that you have about Industry Athletics.

Industry Athletics Prep Course

We’ll work with you for three 1:1 sessions teaching you the fundamentals and standard movements found at Industry Athletics. These sessions can be scheduled at your convenience at either our Federal Hill or Harbor East locations.

Join as a New Member

Once you complete the Prep Course, you can join Industry Athletics as a new member and participate in any class offering.

  • Prep Course Cost

  • $150
  • Prior to starting classes, one of our coaches will lead you through a private three-session course to teach you how to move safely. This is a great way to build a solid foundation.

Industry Athletics FAQ

Why should I train at Industry Athletics?

Industry Athletics is a thriving fitness community that has been around since 2011. We have members from diverse backgrounds and athletic ability levels which makes our gym an extremely fun and motivating place to work towards your fitness goals. All of this is supported by our positive, expertly trained coaches who are passionate about helping our members achieve big things.

Do I need to be in shape prior to starting out?

You do not need to be “in shape” or have any prior training or weightlifting experience prior to getting started. We’ll work with you to understand where you’re coming from and what your goals are to make sure you’re set up for success.

What should I bring with me to Industry Athletics?

Bring a water bottle, positive attitude and athletic shoes. We’ll take care of the rest!

Where is Industry Athletics located?

Industry Athletics has two locations in Baltimore. Our Federal Hill gym is located at 1220 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230 and our Harbor East location is at 510 S Eden St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Can you get injured doing high-intensity training?

You can injure yourself in any activity. At Industry Athletics we like to think of each person as an individual. No matter what your level is our first focus is on safety of movement. Then we lock down consistency. Can you continually perform every movement correctly. Finally we will push you to go fast and test your intensity.

Will I get too big and bulky doing this kind of training?

No, you will not accidentally get too big and bulky. In order for people to get big, bulging muscles (especially women), you must do a few things. Number one, eat a ton. Literally, your caloric intake needs to be through the roof and filled with a high volume of protein and fat. Second, you need to consistently pick up really heavy things, rest for a few minutes then repeat. Do we do this? Yes, but then we might run a mile or do 100 Burpees (if you do not know you will find out soon). At Industry Athletics, we combine cardiovascular endurance which gives athletes a lean and athletic look.

What happens after I'm done with the Prep Course?

After you complete the Industry Athletics prep course, you can join Industry Athletics as a member and take any class offering at both locations. We’ll also knock $100 off your first month’s dues after signing up. See membership options here. If you’re interested in continuing with personal training, you can also sign up for one of our personal training packages.

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