Drive is a 45-minute high-intensity group class without barbells led by an experienced group of coaches designed to target clients of all fitness levels. Drive will have you feeling refreshed and energized while you get stronger and burn calories with fun, fast-paced workouts customized to your level and goals.

What Does Drive Class Look Like?

Heavy Cardio Work

Every Drive class has a moderate to heavy cardiovascular component to get your heart rate up for the length of the class. This is similar to the approach that many “boot camp” style classes take by pushing you to manage your breathing and pace while performing at a high-intensity.

Low Weights, High Intensity

Drive classes typically include a component with kettlebells, dumbbells, jump rope, or other lower weights that are attacked with a higher intensity.

Fast-paced interval-style workouts, combined with just the right amount of functional strength and toning work help you achieve results without hitting the heavy weights or barbells.

Outdoor Drive Classes

Throughout most of the year, we offer outdoor drive classes several days a week that will get your heart rate up while enjoying the fresh air!

Check our schedule for availability of our “Outdoor Drive” classes.

Whats Great about Drive Class?

  • Workouts are new and different every day
  • Workouts are fast-paced, high Intensity, and broken into goal-oriented segments.
  • DRIVE uses a mix of functional strength movements, flexibility drills, and a wide variety of conditioning methods.
  • Get the awesome effects of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes, rings, and more.
  • No heavy barbell lifts or other strength components typically programmed in CrossFit

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