The Jefferson Curl

Using weights to gain mobility, fix movement patterns and possibly rehab injuries are often overlooked. We think of using weights to fight against gravity which in turn would build big strong, bulging, huge muscles. Well weights can also be used with gravity. Moving through full range of motion at your joints is usually a good … Read more

Lift off is back!

Coach Laura’s current Olympic Lifting Cycle will be wrapping up on May 6th and we are bringing back the Lift Off! This is a mock Olympic Lifting Meet to close out the cycle. Athletes in Oly will be participating but we will also open it up to all IA members!  Mark your calendars for Friday May 7th … Read more

Our Post Open Cycle is…

Push Press, Single Leg Work, Pull/Muscle up track Training Cycle Dates: M 4/5/21 – 5/31/21 (8 weeks plus Test Week) Goals: Improve Pulling Strength for Pull ups or Muscle ups.  Become stronger with a vertical press and technique with the push press.  Focus on single leg work in the middle of the week to correct imbalances.  **This … Read more

Attention IA Members

Please login to ZenPlanner to reserve your spot in class or for open gym. Please only reserve one spot per day and un-reserve at least one hour before the start of class if you won’t be able to attend. Workouts for our Workout of the Day, DRIVE, GarageFit, and Demand can be found on sugarWOD. … Read more

SugarWOD Tracks

Logging into SugarWOD this week you’ll see a new track: GarageFit. GarageFit is going to be the at home version of our Workout of the Day. If you have minimal equipment you should be able to hit this at home; swapping barbells for KBs or DBs. This will give our at home athletes a track to … Read more

IA 2021 Reset Challenge

Coach Laura is running a Reset Challenge starting on Sunday March 14th. This is a six week challenge for only $60! In this challenge, you will focus on four categories: Nutrition, Aerobic Capacity, Accessory Work, and Recovery/Mindset. If you’re interested in joining, click HERE Every week you will have assigned challenges for each of these … Read more

CFH 2020 Hoodie Pre Sale

CFH Hoodie

It’s that time of year! Hoodie Pre Sale!! As part of our COVID procedures, we need to keep fresh air flowing, meaning a cold gym. This lightweight zip-up is a perfect layer for your warm-up! Don’t be the only one without one! To pre-order, please click HERE to add your name and size to the … Read more

IA’s 100,000 Meter Challenge

Drive Featured Image

…with a 2020 Twist Every year we have a 100,000-meter rowing challenge that runs from the day after Thanksgiving to News Years Eve! This year we are making it a 100,000 (or more!) meter challenge but you will account for running, rowing, biking, AND ski erg meters. To Participate: Simply add your name to the … Read more

Holiday Schedule 2020

November Thursday November 26: 8:00am, 9:00am, and 10:00am classesFriday November 27: 8:30am will be the FIRST class of the day December Thursday December 24: 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am classesFriday December 25: CLOSED Thursday December 31: we have added a 3:30pm class and the 5:30pm class will be the LAST of the dayFriday January 1: 9:00am, 10:00am, … Read more

Industry Athletics COVID Rules and RemindeR

Cleaning Weights

We are 100% committed to our member’s safety and abiding by all city-mandated regulations throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a list of the ways we are keeping you safe. Classes are capped at 25% of our total capacity per Baltimore City regulations We wear masks at ALL TIMES Athletes enter the … Read more

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