Fuel Your Fitness

Group Nutrition and Performance Challenge Formerly Small Group Body Comp What: Five Weeks of…(Re)Building Sustainable Nutrition HabitsDeconstructing Diet Myths Behavioural Fundamentals for No Gains Left Behind3x/week: 20 min Accessory Workouts When: Sundays 10:00-11:15 am October 17th, 24th, 31st, Nov 7th, 14th and 21st  Meetings: Include learning, goal setting and group discussion before hitting one of the three … Read more

Fall Oly and NEW Oly 2

Weightlifting “Hybrid” Cycle: For CrossFitters who want to get better at Weightlifting!  Click HERE to sign up!T/Th 6:30-7:45 pm Oct 5th – Dec 2nd 8 weeks (off Thanksgiving week) 12 Spots Available Pricing: $85/month Advanced Weightlifting / Olympic Lifting 2: For Crossfitters who want to dedicate more time to weightlifting! Click HERE to sign up!Nov 1st- Jan 30th 4 days … Read more

Sumo Deadlift VS Conventional Deadlift

And why it truly doesn’t matter… For our Deadlift cycle you will have the choice to pull sumo or traditional.  A sumo deadlift means the athletes feet are in a wider position and their hips are a bit lower, bringing their chest up taller.  Like with all things in life it is not as simple … Read more

Lift Off

What: Mock Olympic Lifting Meet When: Friday August 27th at 6:30pm (warm-up 6:30, first lifts 7:00)For Who: Any member, all levels of lifters!!  Lift off is still ON! Masks can be taken off on each lift attempt.  Click HERE to sign up!

The New Girls of Crossfit

There are some new girls in town! We know and love the OG’s introduced back in 2003: Fran, Diane, Grace, Elizabeth, etc. These workouts have been great tools for crossfitters as they track their fitness over the years. Now we have seven new ones! Click HERE to learn more and see the new WODs! We … Read more

Summer Celebration at IA!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! It’s been a long year and a half without any community events, so we are excited to announce our first Post-COVID member-only event!!  When: Sunday August 22nd at 11:00AM What: Hit a workout! Bring Your Own Drink of Choice. We’ll have coolers ready with Fit Aid and O2!  We hope to see … Read more

Capacity Sundays

Group Rowing

Have you been missing out on Sunday Capacity classes? Now’s a great time to make a comeback, or try out your first Sunday morning workout! As of July 11th, we begin a new summer Capacity cycle throughout July and August! Starting and ending with a 2k Row benchmark, we will be alternating every other Sunday between … Read more



MondayUpper Body Pressing, Hinge work (clean, snatch, swing, deadlift) and a mono structural movement like running, rowing or bike.  This will be a longer style of workout with lower loading. Our goal will be to work over the 20 minute mark each Monday.  TuesdayFront Squats We are going to have two progressions to follow here.  Fitness … Read more

Summer Oly is HERE

Coach Laura is back with our Summer Olympic Lifting Cycle! Spots are limited so if you want to improve your Clean & Jerk and Snatch, now is the time! Click HERE to sign up! The cycle kicks off on June 22 and will go through August 12. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll meet in the … Read more

CFH Comp Team season recap

We are so proud of our competitors this season (and every season). When you see Hana Machover, Megan Wall, Ryan Grantham, Austin Clark, Laura Diebold, Mike Vigorita, Britt Priddy, Matt Davidow, and Candace Rubenstein around the gym, congratulate them on all their hard work and a very successful season after a year of hardship and … Read more

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