The Jefferson Curl

Using weights to gain mobility, fix movement patterns and possibly rehab injuries are often overlooked. We think of using weights to fight against gravity which in turn would build big strong, bulging, huge muscles. Well weights can also be used with gravity. Moving through full range of motion at your joints is usually a good thing when done in a controlled setting. It strengths them and lets them….well move through their full range of motion.

One of the most powerful exercises that demonstrates all these benefits is the Jefferson Curl

Tips For the Jefferson Curl

-Use a light weight when starting out on this exercises. Before jumping to a barbell try 5-10 pound weights or a light KB that is laying around and never gets used anyway.

-There should be no pain in your low back or spine. If there is then stop and address that issue with a professional first.

Take a moderate approach to prevent injury. This helps you to progress further over time. You’re training to be unstoppable every day, so make sure you’ll be able to keep training tomorrow!

Progressing Your Mobility

Once you have made the Jefferson Curl a staple in your routine it is time to add some weight. Remember this exercises is not about loading. It is about stretching your connective tissue to a new rang of motion. When we are talking about stretching tissue it is not as fun as setting a personal record on your clean and jerk! It is a slow processes that your friends will not congratulate you on. You should give yourself a pat on the back when you see improvement though! Actually this is worthy of a self hug.

-This will improve your mobility in the hamstrings

-Improve the strength in your back and spine, also known as the posterior chain when we want to sound smart.

-Improve mobility and durability in your spine. Yes a durable spine.

There is MORE-

For the more we will turn it over to a true professional. Check out the video below where Kelly Starrett breaks down the Jefferson Curl and gives you a few more options and add ons to improve the movement.

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